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Michael Brown

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3 02 24 The Weekend Hour 1: Gaza Humanitarian Aid; The 2024 Presidential Primary & Election Fiasco

3 02 24 The Weekend Hour 2: Influence Peddling Explained; Politico Bias; Cultural Revolution in the USA?

What exacty is influence peddling and how does it work? Hunter Biden essentially confessed to it in his deposition this past week.

A Politico reporter is called out for religious bias, referring to conservatives as extremists and Christian Nationalists.

Is there a Cultural Revolution like Mao's starting in the USA? Ask Xi Van Fleet.

3 02 24 The Weekend Hour 3: Laken Riley; NYC Rents Skyrocket; Blaze Journalist Steve Baker

Georgia House Republicans pass a law requiring law enforcement cooperative with Immigrations & Customs Enforcement (ICE) after Laken Riley is murdered by an illegal alien. Will it end sanctuary city status in Georgia?

New York City rents skyrocket as illegal aliens begin to occupy rental units.

Blaze Media journalist Stebve Baker is arrested for his reporting on the January 6 riots, I mean, insurrection! What about the other J6 defendants?

The Washington Post reports that early in his administration Joe Biden asked advisors how young people make love or have sex during COVID19. Yeah, that's creepy.

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