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The Situation on Monday 9-11-23

Lujan must have gone crazy with power.

A helpful bit of information from Agent Jet A

The NM Governor's claim that "Gun violence is leading cause of death among children" is bogus for two reason.

The first is because more than one third on those gun death are suicide by gun and suicide by gun is no more an "Act of gun violence" than suicide by hanging is an "Act of rope violence".

The second is that the study she is basing her claim on includes people up to the age of 19 years, 11 months & 364 days as a "child".

That means that a 19 year old felon gang banger who is 2 days shy of his 20th birthday who gets killed in a shootout by a rival gang banger is included among those '"Child gun death" statistics. The last time I looked, if you were old enough to vote, join the military without your parents permission, buy a car or be sentenced to a penitentiary for your crimes, you were no longer a "child".

The White House staff cuts off Biden's mic at the press conference in Vietnam.

Even CNN is not being favorable to Biden's latest press conference.



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