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White House Press Corp is Fed up With Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s

The White House press has had enough with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre because all she seems to do is tell flat out lies in order to protect Joe Biden’s incompetence.

In a recent daily White House press briefing, what normally is a calm question and answer session turned into a chaotic mess with Jean-Pierre losing control of the situation.

It began when Jean-Pierre was directly asked why a neurologist that specialized in Parkinson’s Disease reportedly visited the White House eight times and she kept giving a non-answer.  Ed O’keefe from CBS News wanted a simple answer to this question that the American people rightly deserve to know.  The non-answer from Jean-Pierre then led to a fiery exchange between them.

(Video Credit: The White House)

“It’s a very basic, direct question,” O’keefe yelled. “That’s what you should be able to answer by this point.”

“No, no, no, no, no,” Jean-Pierre quickly said. “Ed, please. A little respect here, please.”

“So every year around the president’s physical examination, he sees a neurologist. That’s three times, right? So I am telling you that he has seen a neurologist three times while he has been in this presidency, that’s what I’m saying,” she said. “I’m telling you that he has seen him three times. That is what I’m sharing with you, right? So every time he has a physical, he has had to see a neurologist, so that is answering that question.”

“No, it’s not,” O’Keefe said with great frustration. “Has Dr. Kevin Cannard come to the White House specifically about the president’s condition?”

“Ed, I also said to you for security reasons, we cannot share names. We cannot share names,” she said.  This name sharing is a complete falsehood which she decided to make-up.  She then added, “We cannot share names of specialists broadly from our dermatologist to neurologist. We cannot share names. There are security reasons-”

“They’re on the visitors log. It’s public,” O’Keefe responded, directly calling out her lie. “I looked at it before I got here. It’s right there for anyone to see.”

“Ed, I hear you,” Jean-Pierre said. “I cannot, from here, confirm any of that because we have to keep their privacy. I think they would appreciate that, too.”

Then NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell informed the press secretary that the visitors logs are public and it should not fall under any false claim of security.

“There’s no reason to go back and forth with me in this aggressive way,” she said angry that she was caught.

“Well, we are miffed around here about what has been shared with the press corps about him,” O’Keefe responded with a tone of disbelief.

Jean-Pierre later on in the briefing decided to scold the press corp for doing their jobs.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“We understand that freedom of the press, we respect the freedom of the press. You heard me talk about this last week. We… I appreciate the back and forth that we all have. It is, I try to respect you and I hope you try to respect me,” she said.

“And we literally do everything that we can. My team does everything that we can to make sure we get the answers to you. That’s what we do. And sometimes we disagree. Sometimes we are not in agreement. But you know what? That’s democracy. That is what is important to have that healthy back and forth. And so to say that I’m holding information or allude to anything else is really, really unfair,” she said trying to now portray herself as the victim here?


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