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Are Deep Blue States Now Up For Grabs By the Republicans?

According to Politico, New York may potentially be in play after a recent poll showed that former President Trump was within single digits of President Joe Biden and the Democrats are very concerned.

In a swing district in New York, a recent poll found Trump leading by one point and statewide polling shows Biden with a shrinking 8 point lead over Trump as he begins to close the gap.  In 2023, Biden won the state of New York by a whopping 23 points which has now decreased to 8 points and many Democrats are pushing the campaign to allocate some additional resources to New York to make sure it stays blue.

According to Democratic Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, “We’re still acting like this is a one-party state, which for pretty much 20, 25 years it has been. I truly believe we’re a battleground state now.”

A New York House Democrat anonymously told Politico, “It’s never been more important for a Democratic House member to focus on building their own local brand and to run on that. Biden isn’t going to be handing out coattails no matter what. He’s only got anchors.”

On Sunday, two Democrats from New York Rep. Jerry Nadler and Rep. Joe Morelle wanted to replace Biden on the ticket but have since backtracked after a House caucus meeting where most likely they were told to get behind Biden no matter what.

If the Democrats have to spend a large amount of money in New York, a deep blue state, then much less money would then go towards the battleground states which Biden has to win.

Former New York Gov. David Paterson said, “The money that needs to be spent here will be subtracted from other areas he’s going to lose.”

In 2022, Republicans flipped four congressional seats in New York and the Republicans narrowly lost the gubernatorial race by less than 6% when Lee Zeldin challenged incumbent Kathy Hochul.

The Nassau County Executive bluntly told Politico, “If I’m a Democrat in some of these suburban races, I’d run the hell away from Joe Biden.”

After the disastrious CNN debate, Trump’s nationwide lead increased by 6 points but the Democrats are still pushing Biden as their leader.

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