California Man Sues Psychic for $25,000 for Failing to Remove Curse

A California man is suing a psychic for fraud.

Mauro Restrepo claims he met psychic Sophia Adams for a tarot reading in September; she told Restrepo that his ex-girlfriend had hired a witch to put a curse of "bad luck" on him and his new marriage.

Adams told Restrepo she could remove the curse - for only $5.100. He slapped down a $1,000 deposit once Adams told him he and his family would be "in danger" if the curse wasn't removed.

Restrepo now claims that Adams "did not in any way help" and is suing for negligence and civil conspiracy since Adams billed herself as a "psychic love coach". He's suing for $25,000 for his anxiety and sleepless nights.

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