May the 4th Be With You (Star Wars Day!) Ways you can celebrate.

1. Watch the movies. Again. Consider even watching them the original ways--on DVD, Blu-ray, or even VHS tapes if you still have those.

2. Watch the TV shows. Check out Disney+'s Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

3. Eat Star Wars foods. From blue milk to porg rice balls to Millennium Falcon pizza, has a number of themed recipes to recreate at home.

4. Read the further adventures of Luke Skywalker and friends. From prose books, to e-books, to comic books, there is a ton of Star Wars literature out there.

5. Attend virtual Star Wars events. Pick from amongst a 24-hour livestream on Twitch featuring director Kevin Smith to a live costumed workout, among plenty of other choices.

6. Buy something fun and extremely nerdy. There's a ton of Star Wars merch out there--and you can never have too many baby Yodas.

7. Visit Disney Parks this year to try out their new Star Wars treats. Some of the new delights include: a miniature dome cake that looks like Baby Yoda, a chocolate pop replica of the Millennium Falcon, a Millennium Falcon Star Wars Soft Serve Sundae and lightsaber churros.

8. Get a free taco at Taco Bell because of their lunar "Taco Moon" event. The offer is available when you go to your local participating Taco Bell between 8:00 pm and 11:59 pm local time while the Taco Moon is shining.