Golfer Breaks World Record Hitting Drive Into A Speeding BMW…. Goes Nuts!

This is a wild one to watch, and the British accents makes it fun to listen to.

European Tour pro Marcus Armitage and BMW Touring Car driver Paul O’Neill broke the Guinness World Record for the ‘Farthest golf shot caught in a moving car’, beating the previous distance by 30 yards. 

They were set up on an open race track and believe it or not, he pulled it off on one of his first attempts. Dude started going nuts, stripping his shirt off, until he found out some bad news… The ball only went 268 yards, and the world record was 273 yards.

A bunch of attempts later, and the 33-year-old pro-golfer did it! Slammed the golf ball into the speeding BMW!

He hammered a 303-yard drive that landed PERFECTLY in the car and set a new world record!