Recent Tasmanian Tiger Reports Revealed by Australian Government

A remarkable document released by the Australian government reveals eight recent reports from people claiming to have seen the Tasmanian Tiger. Also known as the thylacine, the creature is believed to have died out sometime in the 1930s and was declared extinct by scientists in the 1980s. However, purported sightings of the animal have persisted over the years, fueling speculation that the carnivorous canine-like marsupial may still exist.

While mainstream scientists have largely dismissed that idea, an intriguing report from Tasmania's Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment suggests that it just may have some merit. Released in response to an official information request similar to an FOIA query here in America, the document features reports submitted to the department from eight different individuals who say that they spotted the Tasmanian Tiger in separate incidents between 2016 and 2019.

Among the alleged sightings was one case from February of 2018 wherein a pair of tourists visiting Tasmania saw a striped dog-like creature that sported a stiff tail. The observers were fortunate enough to get a relatively long look at the anomalous animal as it lingered in the road in front of them for around 15 seconds. Said to possess a familiarity with the wildlife of the area, the duo asserted that they were "100% certain that the animal they saw was a Thylacine."

More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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