Video: North Carolina Woman Claims Multiple Bigfoot Lurk in Her Backyard

A woman in North Carolina says that her backyard has inexplicably become a proverbial stomping grounds for several Bigfoot. Vicky Cook told a local news station that the truly strange situation began back in March when she first caught sight of a massive creature outside of her home. Since that time, she claims that the property has been visited by numerous Sasquatch based on the differing size of the prints found in her yard.

While one might be quick to dismiss Cook's story as the product of a fanciful imagination, she was able to furnish at least one photograph of a fairly sizeable print and showed the TV station a number of spots in the yard that also appeared to have impressions left behind by the creature. "Sometimes I think this can't be real," she mused, marveling that, "I think I've counted about eight different sized prints" on the property over the last few months.

More on this bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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