Pentagon Confirms Interest in UFOs

The Department of Defense has confirmed what many in the world of UFO research have long suspected: that the government investigates UFOs. The remarkable revelation came by way of a statement provided to the New York Post by DoD spokesperson Christopher Sherwood in response to an inquiry about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which came to light back in December of 2017. Concerning the work that had been done by the program, he conceded that AATIP "did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena," meaning, in a traditional sense, UFOs.

While, on the face of it, this may sound like common sense to UFO enthusiasts who have argued for decades that the government was interested in the phenomenon and simply did not want the public to know, the very fact that a Pentagon official admitted as much is being seen as quite significant to those who study the mystery. Former UFO investigator of the UK's Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope, called the DoD statement a "bombshell" because, until now, the Pentagon had largely "left the door open to the possibility that AATIP was simply concerned with next-generation aviation threats." However, he mused, "this new admission makes it clear that they really did study what the public would call 'UFOs.'"

More on this thought-provoking turn of events at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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