High School Seniors List Their School For Sale On Zillow

Empty school courtyard

Photo: Getty Images

A group of seniors decided they wanted to try to sell their high school as their senior prank. The students listed Meade High School in Fort Meade, Maryland, for sale on Zillow.

They listed the 20-bedroom, 15-bathroom school for a price of $42,069. The seniors said the price was a "steal" considering that it includes a private turf field and a large parking lot.

They also took some shots at their school, which they described as a "half-working jail."

"All 15 bathrooms come with sewage issues!" the listing said, according to Patch. "The school also comes with dangerous unfinished sections that could cost you your life!"

"Your neighbors are rodents and insects that will make you squeal!" they added. "The school comes with complementary trash-scented air freshener and water issues!"

The listing has since been removed from Zillow.

School officials were amused by the prank.

"This is incredibly creative advertising, but we are stunned that the listers so vastly underestimated the value of this prime real estate with amazing amenities," Bob Mosier, a spokesperson for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, told Patch. "Potential buyers surely will be flocking to snap this deal up, right? This won't be on the market for long."

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