The Lumineers Soundtrack New Partnership To End Addiction Campaign

The Lumineers' latest album III explores addiction from different perspectives, so it's fitting the band would lend its song, "Salt and the Sea," to a Partnership to End Addiction campaign. The band's cofounder Jeremiah Fraites has also personally experienced both losing someone to addiction and becoming sober himself, and he shared a story on the band's Instagram.

"This campaign hit close to home," he wrote alongside a clip of the commercial. "I lost my older brother Joshua to a heroin drug overdose when he was just 19 years old back in 2001. I was only 14 at the time, essentially having to grow up overnight after a life-changing event like that. To steal the words from Gabor Mate, we shouldn't be asking: 'why the addiction?' but rather, 'why the pain?'"

"Fast forward 15 years and there I was making the decision myself to become sober from alcohol," Fraites continued. "I have my wife @francesca_laz to thank for that - she said ‘don’t do it for me, but do it for yourself.’ I wanted to share this anecdote with you because I know someone out there reading this right now is struggling and going through a hard time. I wanted to share this with you because whatever reason you’re going to give to get sober, just make it a damn good one."

See The Lumineers' post below.

Photo: Getty Images