Seven-Year-Old Boy Caught Vaping In Elementary School Classroom

Police say a teacher caught a seven-year-old boy vaping in the classroom at Country Dale Elementary School in Franklin, Wisconsin. The second-grader told officials he found the device, which looks like a USB drive, in his mother's purse. The boy's mother said the device was filled with CBD oil.

The boy was taken to the hospital by a social worker from Child Protective Services and was given a clean bill of health. He was brought back to his mother and authorities say they do not plan to file charges over the incident.

School officials tossed the vaping device in the garbage and did not say if the young boy would face any discipline for vaping in class.

"The safety and integrity of students and families is paramount," District Administrator Dr. Judy Mueller said. "As a school community, we have concern about the national vaping epidemic, especially when we see the impact on our Franklin students and families. We are continuously working to stay on top of the latest findings and expert recommendations."

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