Archeologists Discover 2,137-Year-Old 'iPhone' Buried In Woman's Grave

While the lost city of Atlantis has never been found, many people believe it not only existed but that it had technology far more advanced than anywhere else in ancient times. Now, in a burial site known as "The Russian Atlantis," archeologists have uncovered a black rectangular object that looks very similar to an iPhone.

The 'iPhone' was discovered alongside a woman's skeleton in a 2,137-year-old grave in the mountains of Siberia. It measures about 7 inches by 3.5 inches and has inlaid decorations of turquoise, carnelian and mother-of-pearl inlaid, like a fancy phone protector.

Of course, the iPhone was not around the Bronze Age. The object, which is made from black gemstone jet rock, is actually a fashionable belt buckle.

Archeologists believe the buckle dates back to the Xiongnu empire, which was comprised of nomads who ruled the area from 3 BCE to 1 AD.

The site where it was found was examined after a man-made reservoir was drained over the summer. One researcher involved stated, "This site is a scientific sensation. We are incredibly lucky to have found these burials of rich nomads that were not disturbed by (ancient) grave robbers."

Photo: YouTube

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