Flossie Is Now A Hurricane; Erick Strengthens Even More

We continue to watch two tropical systems in the Pacific that are moving towards Hawaii.

Hurricane Erick: Erick strengthened in the morning hours to a Category 3 hurricane. As of 11AM Tuesday, Erick is 840 ESE of Hilo, has maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, and continues to move west at 15 miles per hour. On its current path, Eric is still predicted to move south of the Hawaiian Islands through this weekend. Also, Erick is expected to weaken significantly as it approaches the state, moving to the south of the Big Island and other islands as a tropical storm.

Hurricane Flossie: Flossie has now reached hurricane status as of 11AM Tuesday. Flossie is still more than 2000 miles ESE of Hilo, but moving west at 14mph. Flossie is expected to strengthen more as it crosses into the Central Pacific and approaches the state early next week.

Stay tuned to this iHeartRadio station for updates on both storms. Also search this stations website for checklists and other preparation materials to ensure your safety during hurricane season.

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