BOE Vote Thursday On Plan to Delay Reopening Hawaii Schools Two Weeks

The reopening of schools in Hawaii is a major step closer to getting pushed back another two weeks.

On Monday night the Department of Education announced they're in agreement with three school employees unions, including the teacher's association, who say next week is too early. The scheduled opening date for public schools in the state of Hawaii is August 4.

The only thing standing in the way of the delay becoming official is a vote by the Board of Education. Their decision will likely come Thursday after getting the Department of Education's recommendation last night.

If the BOE agrees, school would start on August 17th instead of a week from today. There's no word on how the lost two weeks would be made up.

The plan to delay school reopening was boosted by a change of position by DOE Superintendent Christina Kishimoto. Up until yesterday afternoon she argued in favor of the controversial reopening plan.

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