"Baywatch Scam" In Hawaii Targeted Personal Information; Man Arrested

A phony Hollywood producer is behind bars on suspicion of scamming more than a dozen Hawaii girls into a fake acting gig.

Dubbed, the "Baywatch Scam," alleged victims say last month Jonathan Yost tricked them into appearing on a Netflix show called "Ocean Rescue," which he said was a spin-off of Baywatch in Waikiki. But, the girls started to get suspicious when they weren't getting paid and only ending up with sunburns.

Authorities say he was using a fake name and asked them to put all their personal information on their job applications. He was able to get away with their social security numbers, bank account information and addresses.

One alleged victim is just ten-years-old, and another says most of the group lost a collective 30-thousand-dollars after taking time off from their day jobs.

Yost has also been arrested in Texas before on suspicion of claiming to be a Hollywood producer, then stealing hundreds of thousands from investors.

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