Yelp Report: Nearly 900 Honolulu Businesses Closed For Good Due To Pandemic


A new survey shows nearly 900 Honolulu businesses have closed since the coronavirus pandemic started in March.

The Yelp Economic Average report says those businesses closed either temporarily or permanently because of money woes brought on by the virus. More than ten-percent of those businesses are closed for good, as of July 10th.

By sector, the permanently closed businesses include 95 restaurants and 91 retail shops.

Yelp says Honolulu has the highest rate of businesses closures among all large U.S. cities they surveyed.

Four out of ten businesses say they can't reopen until large scale tourism comes back. Hawaii's mandatory 14 day quarantine for visitors is set to be rolled back September 1st, but has already been delayed once because of fears of a massive surge of coronavirus cases

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