WATCH: Father Attacks Man Accused Of Killing His Son During Court Hearing

An Ohio father attacked the man accused of killing his three-year-old son during a court hearing. Desean Brown, 22, was charged with two counts of murder for allegedly killing Nyteisha Lattimore and her son, Nylo. Prosecutors say that Brown stabbed Nyteisha to death and then threw the young boy into the Ohio River.

His body has not been found.

During a pretrial hearing on whether to dismiss Brown's confession, Nylo's biological father, Tonio Hughes, ran up behind the defense table and punched Brown in the head.

As Hughes continued to pummel Brown, several police officers rushed over to break up the attack.

After order was restored, Judge Megan Shanahan found Hughes in contempt of court and sentenced him to seven days in prison.

"Judge Megan Shanahan and the Hamilton Sheriff's Office would like to emphasize that this behavior will not be tolerated in the courthouse," Hamilton County Sheriff's spokeswoman Kyla Woods said.

A family friend of Hughes said she understood why he attacked Brown.

"Everything inside him, just the pain, and everything took over," Faith Burton told WXIX. "He did what I think any of us would do."

"I couldn't live without my child either, you know? So I get his emotions. I get why he acted out in court today," she added.

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