The dial up, which some of you may actually still have, was great back in it’s day. I remember booking all of our honeymoon reservations on a 200mhz CPU with a massive CRT display with that familiar sound of dial-up. I booked us an adventure that took us to Paris and all around France. It was exciting to put the itinerary together....the flights, hotel, attractions, etc... There was bit of panic when I was logged on while making a payment and then the connection was lost. I thought my credit card info in cyberspace was doomed. Fortunately, I re-connected and everything was fine. But, what really stood out was just how long it all took. Oh man! Waiting. And waiting. And WAITING. It took forever.
Fast forward to today and there are several options to choose from that has made online experiences so very much better. We upgraded to Oceanic Cable Turbo Internet just after the first of the year. It’s magnificent. I am online most of the day and into the evening because of my business. If I didn’t have Turbo speed at home, I’d would literally be wasting irretrievable time. And, believe me, it adds up. You can have the most reliable and fasted internet, too, with Oceanic Cable. Just log on to and you’ll enjoy the difference, too.