The memories that come flooding back are amazing. The true signal that Christmas time is upon us is when
The networks air “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. Even now, I recall sitting in my auntie’s living room with all the cousins crowded around a small black and white TV just thrilled at
Seeing this iconic show. It will always mean the same to me and now, with my own kids, I can see the same type of excitement and anticipation. Oceanic Time Warner Cable is a blessing.
At any given moment with the myriad of channels on digital cable, I can DVR or watch in real time all of the holiday favorites. Plus, if I want to have complete control, all I have to do is go to
OC On Demand. Then, all my holiday time is on my schedule. Find out how OCTW can make your life more enjoyable by logging on to It will be a great start to creating memories That will last a lifetime.