I'm delighted to put the spotlight on Time Warner Oceanic Cable's remarkable w-fi service. You know, my day is all over the place. Oftentimes, I'm not really sure where I may end up or the urgency in which I need to respond to messages. Yes, most of us have kids we need to shuttle multiple locations, but it goes beyond that important job. We have our OWN stuff to take care of. Case in point, as I speak I'm in the lobby/food court of The Dole Cannery. This is the building where our radio offices/studios are. I need to get a bit and get some work done at the same time. And, really, isn't that most of us? Even during what should be down time, we're still at it. There are clients in my studio, so I came downstairs to get some work done. HEre's the plus…. I'm in a Road Runner Speed Zone! That means I am connected to high speed internet in the food court! It makes life much easier and, importantly, efficient. All you have to do is be a subscriber to TW Oceanic Cable internet service and you'll be connected to high speed wi-fi at hundreds of locations all around the state. I can say that, without TW Oceanic technologies, I wouldn't enjoy life as much as I do now!!! Sign up for your service at www.oceanic.com.