It's the beginning of another Legislative Session today and, really, what's gonna be different that any other.  Sure, there will be
the controversial proposals such as gambling and the criminalization of pot, but what about the
more salient and
impacting issues? There will be no discernible improvement to the fundamentals of education. We'll continue to
celebrate anemic
improvements which continue to relegate us to below mediocre compared to other states. Unions will clamor for more
money and benefit while the Dems will do everything in their power to ensure they get what they want. Our roads will continue to be sub-third world standard with potholes and steel plates siphoning the life of you vehicle off, bit by bit and bump by bump.
Oh, and what about the heart
string pull of subsidizing early education for all 4-year-olds in the state. Well, we already
have a nanny state for the adults, why not get started on the very young so they are indoctrinated early on that without government, nothing is possible in their lives. 
Will we see anything
that we really need to help Hawaii? Will we see a reduction in the amount of money the government spends? No.
Will we see the
majority stand up to organized labor at mitigate the cash drain on our community? No.
Will we see a vibrant debate between two parties leading to consensus governance? No. So, why care?
Because, whether you like it or not, the 76 people convening later today will make decisions that affect you and your family's lives. Other people are deciding what your future will be. Do you want to simply follow obediently or do you want to ensure those who are deciding are also being watched. Don't succumb to indifference and
dis-interest. React, respond and remember. November 2014 isn't that far away.