Problem is, I’m rarely home at the time they come on. That’s where my DVR Manager with Oceanic Time Warner Cable
Comes into play. Case in point... This week is the Sony Open in Hawaii. The beauty of the Waialae Country Club is never better than this week. Remember how frigid the temperatures were
On the mainland? Imagine freezing your okole off when you turn onto the incredible sights and sounds of Hawaii! Just beautiful. But, for locals who love golf, most of us can’t sit down and watch
Hours of golf coverage in one sitting. That’s where the DVR Manager comes into play. It’s so east. All the controls are on your remote and the onscreen menus are so easy to navigate. If I can do it,
You’ll have no problem. Program hours of shows airing on the same day or later in the week. You’ll never miss your favorite show with OCTWC! Just sign up at  Enjoy!!!