A House committee is hearing the Senate version of the Early Education Bill that is being championed by Gov. Abercrombie and other special interest groups.  There is a debate regarding the efficacy of findings pertaining to the benefits (or lack thereof) of early education for children 4 years old and younger.  The present bill requires approx. $32 million of public money to subsidize or outright pay for qualifying children to attend a private early ed facility.  However, there is no doubt and confirmed by proponents that this program will be expanded to include other ages in the future.  This may have an eventual annual price tag in excess of $100 million.  Earlier today, I asked the simple question eliciting a response from our most akamai listeners -- “Do you support the Early Education Bill, Yes or No.”  Here are the results of that snap poll (calls were taken for 9 minutes).

The final tally was 68 say NO, 1 says YES.
You can come to your own conclusions, but this snapshot gives an indication of our listeners opinion.