A private jet undergoing maintenance by ground crews at an airport in Chino, Calif., slammed into a hangar on Thursday evening. The report of the crash, from local station KTLA.com, noted there were no severe injuries.

The Bombardier Challenger jet was undergoing an engine test with the engine revving at full power when the plane jumped the chalks (the rubber wedges that are supposed to keep its wheels from moving).

The plane, which had three mechanics on board, then smashed into the hangar, where several people were working inside. One of the mechanics injured his knee, according to KTLA.

The crash was reported just after 6 p.m. Local emergency crews responded to the scene.

Robin Dill, a retired pilot who witnessed the crash, told the station that one of the on-board workers should have put the plane in idle. "I can say, and I think most pilots would agree, that if the airplane was operating at idle engine speed, the aircraft would have stopped and it wouldn't have continued like it did."

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