Total visitor arrivals to Hawaii in September fell for the first time in two years as fewer people are coming from the U.S.  The Hawaii Tourism Authority said arrivals from the U-S West market fell 5.9 percent and declined .2 percent from the U.S. East. International arrivals fared better with arrivals up 2 percent from Japan and 2 percent from Canada.  Arrivals from cruise ships were up 3.2 percent and the emerging markets including China, Korea, Taiwan and Latin America increased 4.8 percent.  Overall visitor spending also dropped in September to $1.04 billion, a 4.8 percent decline from September 2012. Mike McCartney, HTA president and CEO Despite the dip in arrivals and spending in September, Hawaii has continued to pace ahead of 2012 in the first three quarters of this year McCartney said. Year-to-date visitor spending rose $11 billion and total visitor arrivals increased 4.5 percent to 6 million.