University of Hawaii Athletic director Ben Jay said at a Board of Regents committee meeting Monday that "there is a very real possibility of football going away." But five hours later, he backed away from threats of ending the U.H. football program, if the funding is not there. He is still seeking $3 million in state aid for the U.H.'s cash-strapped sports program. Jay issued a statement saying: "None of UH's 21 teams is in peril. My comments at the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics' meeting were made in order to convey a sense of urgency regarding the need to address our current funding model," Jay said. "In no way was I indicating that a decision on program reduction of any sport was under consideration," he added. "Rather, I was suggesting that the department's financial situation required that all possible scenarios be reviewed. Hopefully, going forward, there will be a priority placed on discussing the future financial needs of the UH Athletics Department. President David Lassner has expressed his support and we'll call upon our many loyal stakeholders to help us ensure that we remain competitive within the future landscape of intercollegiate athletics. We owe that to our student-athletes and passionate fans."