A Los Angeles man accused of participating in an ATM skimming operation in Waikiki last summer, has been extradited to Honolulu to face charges in connection with the case. An Oahu grand jury indicted 33-year-old Armen Apoyan and co-defendant Argishti Khachaturyan for conspiracy and identity theft in August. Apoyan was arrested in Seattle March 11 and extradited to Honolulu Friday. His bail is set at 250-thousand-dollars. Co-defendant Khachaturyan, 33, is scheduled for a Circuit Court jury trial beginning June 16. He was arrested in September and extradited to Honolulu, where he is being held in Oahu Community Correctional Center, unable to post 250-thousand-dollars bail. Last year two other Los Angeles men, Akop Changryan and Vardan Kagramanyan, were each sentenced to 20 years in prison for installing skimming devices on gas pumps.