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Apparently Beyonce can do no wrong in the eyes of her fans.  During her Friday concert in Atlanta, the superstar asked a fan in the audience to put their camera down while she was performing. 

It happened during a pause in the show when she interacts with concert-goers by picking random people to sing the lines "To the left, to the left" from her song "Irreplaceable."  When one audience member was too distracted by his camera to realize that she'd approached him with her mic, Beyonce gave him a lesson in how to.  She playfully scolded him for being "too busy taping" to see that she was "right in your face."  She added, "You gotta seize the moment, baby!"  The crowd is heard bursting into applause.  

Though her fans don't seem to mind, some in the media have taken issue with Beyonce's protectiveness over her image in the past.  The star implemented a no-photo policy for her "Mrs. Carter Show," banning photographers and only releasing a few select images.  

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