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Mark Wahlberg is asking Justin Bieber to get his act together.  In an interview with "The Sun," Marky Mark gave the pop star some advice, based on his own experiences as a teen in the spotlight. 

He reportedly told Bieber to "be a nice boy, pull [his] trousers up, make [his] mom proud and stop smoking weed."  The actor added that it was inevitable for the 19-year-old to avoid criticism, and gave him some credit for not yet finding himself behind bars.

Wahlberg himself served time for an assault charge when he was only 16.  He explained that fame can be "short-lived," and that in his opinion it's smart to "be the best you can while you're doing it."  

Mark and Justin were actually cast to appear opposite one another in a movie about inner-city basketball.  The project seems to be at a standstill, as the actor said earlier this year that it would move forward in production only "if schedules will allow it." 

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